Ford GT Supercar

Ford GT Supercar Loaded with New Technologies

This decade, Ford has shown an incredible commitment to performance vehicles, with many brand new or revised performance vehicle models debuting from now until 2020. The latest of these releases, the Ford GT supercar, is the most impressive one yet. Not only does it come with incredible power and performance abilities, it is also laden with tons of new technology. And the best part? Even if you can’t afford a…

New Hot Wheels Track Look Record

Ford Sets New Hot Wheels Track Loop Record

Ford has broken yet another world record—and it has nothing to do with its sales. The American carmaker recently set a new Hot Wheels track loop record, building a loop that exceeded 12 feet in height. Ford dynamometer technician Matt West, who worked with his six-year-old son, Blade, to create increasingly larger Hot Wheels loops at home, thought up this record-breaking loop. “It started as part-fun, part-physics lesson with my…

premium in-car audio

Premium In-Car Audio Coming to 2016 Ford Explorer

If you’ve ever driven a car in silence, you know how strange that can feel sometimes. It seems as though music and driving were meant to be together. And, having a quality sound system can make that combination even better. Now, Ford is bringing premium in-car audio to the 2016 Ford Explorer. Ford teamed up with Sony to provide a high-end audio system that will be standard on the Explorer…

Ford Europe sales

Skyrocketing Ford Europe Sales Represent Rising Economy

In recent years, Ford was struggling in the European market—a sharp contrast to the brand’s US sales, which had been rising steadily. New reports indicate that Ford is now surging in Europe, likely due to falling unemployment and reduced energy prices. The American auto company sold 335,100 vehicles there over the past quarter, in fact, a 12.5 percent increase over the same quarter of time in the previous year. Ford…

driver shuttle experiment

Ford’s Driver Shuttle Experiment Part of Experimental Mindset

As technology grows, and people’s taste and expectations change, any company hoping to survive and thrive has got to be willing to experiment. Ford is one of those companies. They’ve been around for 100 years so far. And when you look at all they are doing to stay relevant, you can rest assured they are going to be around for a couple more centuries, too. For instance, Ford is entering…

Best Value in American

2015 Ford Mustang Earns Vincentric Best Value in America Award

For six years in a row, the Ford Mustang has reigned as the Best Value in America, according to Vincentric. The award is bestowed upon the vehicle in each segment whose costs of ownership are lowest, making the vehicle a truly great value throughout its lifetime. Vincentric uses data such as insurance costs, fuel costs, financing, expected maintenance, and depreciation to determine the vehicles’ ownership costs. The 2015 Mustang was…

Ford rearview camera washers

Ford Rearview Camera Washers to Clear Grit and Grime

Rearview cameras are becoming much more commonplace due to their helpful convenience. But what happens when those oh so helpful cameras succumb to the grit and grime of the winter streets or the mud and mire of the spring rainy season and are rendered not-so-convenient? Not to worry, instead of venturing out into the inclement weather to clear that camera with your finger, Ford’s got you covered, or rather, cleared!…

Generation Z car shoppers

Generation Z Car Shoppers Prioritize Fuel Economy, Design, and Value

According to customer experience software and research firm, MaritzCX, generation Z car shoppers (defined as 21 years of age and younger) overwhelmingly prefer Ford vehicles. The study surveyed 1,061 members of Generation Z, and concludes that 8.2% of young shoppers seriously consider Ford vehicles, followed by Toyota vehicles at 7.2% and Chevrolet at 6.4%. Outside of car brands, 34% of the surveyed group responded that the most important reason for…